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Insight Hospital & Medical Center Chicago is committed to providing cutting-edge pathology services with an emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, and patient-centered care. We strive to be a trusted partner for healthcare providers, aiding them in diagnosis and treatment decisions.



2525 S Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60616
Main line: (312) 567-2000


Monday – Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our Services

  • Specimen Processing and Testing
  • Blood Product Provision
  • Clinical Pathology Services
    • Blood Bank
    • Chemistry
    • Decentralized Testing
    • Flow Cytometry 
    • Hematology
    • Hemostasis
    • Immunology
    • Microbiology
    • Molecular
  • Anatomic Pathology Services
    • Autopsy
    • Cytology
    • Surgical Pathology

Expertise and Technology

Insight is equipped with advanced technology and quality is at the core of everything we do. Our highly qualified pathologists, technicians, and support staff adhere to the highest standards of expertise in a wide range of specialties to ensure we can meet the diverse needs of our patients.

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Help begins with a phone call. For more information about any of our pathology and laboratory services at Insight Hospital & Medical Center Chicago or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 312-567-2000.

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Patient Care Second to None

We understand the importance of compassion and communication in healthcare. Our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and patient-centered experience for those undergoing diagnostic testing. With a commitment to transparency, our patients and healthcare providers can trust the results we deliver.

Meet Our Pathology & Laboratory Team

Dr. Sarabjeet Singh

Dr. Umar Shakur

Dr. Neha Patel

Dr. Bobby Diniotis

Dr. Sarabjeet Singh

Dr. Sarabjeet (Serge) Singh is a board-certified cardiologist at Insight Hospital and Medical Center’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. Originally from Queens, New York, Dr. Singh wanted to pursue a career in medicine from a young age and received his Bachelor of Science degree as a physician assistant at York College of City University of New York (CUNY).

He then continued his education in medicine and graduated from Windsor University School of Medicine, followed by training in internal medicine in Chicago. After completing his residency in internal medicine, Dr. Singh began subspecializing in cardiology and interventional cardiology. Following his training, Dr. Singh worked at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, IL with heavy emphasis in interventional cardiology.

Dr. Singh is very excited to be part of the Insight family in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, providing care for our local Chicago community.

Dr. Umar Shakur

Dr. Umar Shakur, noninvasive cardiologist. Dr Shakur is chair of cardiology and dedicated to improving cardiac outcomes in Bronzeville and beyond. Also an expert in noninvasive cardiology, Dr Shakur has a special interest in cardio-oncology, which involves management of cancer patients at risk for cardiotoxicity from chemo or immunotherapies. Dr Shakur has trained at the Medical College of Wisconsin for internal medicine, a chief medicine year at Brown University, and cardiology at St Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Dr. Neha Patel

Dr. Neha Patel, noninvasive cardiologist. Dr Patel is dedicated to understanding her patients’ needs and charting the best plan of care. As an expert in noninvasive cardiology, she uses diagnostic testing including EKGs, echocardiography, stress testing, and CT imaging to establish the presence of heart disease and its management. Dr Patel has trained at Sinai Chicago for internal medicine and cardiology.

Dr. Bobby Diniotis

Dr. Bobby Diniotis, interventional cardiologist. Dr Diniotis is passionate about delivering the best care to his patients. He is able to perform procedures that can establish the presence and extent of coronary artery disease (cardiac catheterization) and also perform interventions, like placing a stent, when appropriate. Dr Diniotis has trained at Sinai Chicago for internal medicine, cardiology, and interventional cardiology.