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Top Ranked For Patient Safety

Our hospital is one of fifteen hospital to receive an A rating from The Leapfrog Group. Your safety and health are our greatest priority.

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We take your health seriously. That's why we make quality healthcare accessible to all and provide a multitude of services for all of your needs.

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Insight Chicago provides more than just healthcare - we're about community. We aim to educate and empower our community members to lead healthier, happier lives.

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We have doctors in every field to help serve you. Whether you're looking for primary care or for a specialist, we've got you covered.

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Insight Chicago offers outpatient services to ensure that our patients receive the care they need at any step of their health journey.

Committed To Your Health

Our patients’ health comes first. Insight Chicago is a nonprofit organization committed to the health and well being of the Bronzeville community in Chicago. As a Safety Net Hospital, Insight Chicago will provide healthcare to all people, regardless of your circumstance.

We’re committed to seeing our community flourish through increased access to holistic care and improved health. That’s why we deliver world class, compassionate, expert care to every patient who comes through our doors.

Why Patients Trust Us

LaTrice ThomasLaTrice Thomas
17:45 27 Oct 22
My visit here today was nothing short of amazing. From the moment I walked in and was greeted by Ms Pearl at the front desk, who greeted me with warmth that reminded me of my grandmother of whom I miss dearly, until I walked out. Ms. Pearl directed me to Central Registration where I was registered in by Denise Martinez who was very pleasant and very kind. She, along with Chandra Gibson helped and both went above and beyond to inform me that I had a secondary insurance which I was unaware of(thanks ladies). Ms Denise Martinez directed me to the surgery clinic where my appointment was and I was greeted with a smile. My nurse, Ricky was also kind, warm and very patient. My wait for the doctor after Ricky took my vitals was less than 5 minutes, not long at all. Dr Ahmad Elakil’s bedside manner was the best. He was very attentive and very detailed about the next steps concerning my health and his positive energy engulfed the room. Last but certainly not least, Lori checked me out and she also greeted me with warmth and kindness. She scheduled my next visits for me and made sure everything was correct in the system before I walked out the door. Overall, my experience with this hospital has so far been positive. I honestly have nothing negative to say. Everyone’s opinion is different based on their experience and this is mine.
Kim KeysKim Keys
12:35 16 Oct 22
I have been in physical therapy at Insight Hospital for the last 7 weeks; recovering from spinal fusion surgery.My PT therapist Mary has made my experience awesome and amazing. When I arrived I was in a wheelchair, unable to stand and in tremendous pain. My goal was to turnaround and go home and give up! It seemed too much for me to conceive that I could meet the demands of PT- it hurt too much and was intimidating.However, Mary was instrumental in changing my entire outlook with patience, understanding and knowledge of her craft. Immediately she became my biggest advocate as she encouraged me to think outside of the pain and circumstance, as well as ways to push through it. Mary designed a plan for me to be successful and helped me to realize I could do the exercises and get better. Also, helping me to realize that truly I am stronger than I think.Today, I am walking with minimal aid and optimistic about my outcome in recovery.The physical therapy department is very clean and organized with the appropriate equipment for sessions. Mary has a very structured program that she specifically designs per individual.I highly recommend Insight Hospital Therapy department for your rehabilitation and well being.My overall experience from entering the building to exiting; was always warm, friendly and safe.
Official OfficialOfficial Official
00:28 15 Oct 22
Nurse Taylor is so wonderful taking care of my brother in law staying at this Insight Hospital Center! She is very knowledgeable and empathetic towards her patient my brother in law.My brother in law definitely agrees with review! Thus far it has been a wonderful experience at Insight Emergency Room! It was a long wait more like 8 hours to get a room in the hospital! Look on the bright side! My brother in law is grateful to staff , nurses and doctors! God Bless
Aaron WilliamsAaron Williams
19:30 05 Oct 22
I have been going to Insight since July for a dislocated knee and I have been pleased with not only the high level of service, but also the high level of respect that I receive. No one is too busy to help. From the moment I set foot into the building I am greeted with a smile. The women at the front desk are so nice and courteous. Registration has some of the most awesome people working there. From day one they have made sure I was checked in for my appointments, asked how my day was going and even wheeled me to a few of my appointments to make sure I got there ok. In my opinion I would give them a raise for the high standard of service they provide on a consistent basis. The Orthopedic Surgery Department has awesome top notch staff that cares and are never to busy to answer any questions I may have. My Orthopedic Surgeon is one of the best. Physical Therapy has staff that are devoted to seeing an individual improve and get better. My Physical Therapist takes time to ensure that I am performing my exercises correctly and gives me recommendations on how to better improve my mobility during my surgical recovery process. All in all, I am glad that Insight is my hospital.
Amer ShahAmer Shah
14:02 29 Jul 22
I could not have asked for better care. Every member of the hospital that we encountered was polite, professional and compassionate. They answered all of our questions. My wife said that in addition to the staff being outstanding, the facility is very peaceful and comforting.In particular, Abdullah was exceptional. He treated my family and I extremely well, answered all our questions thoroughly, and put a smile on our faces.Couldn’t recommend Insight more!

Dedicated To Community Betterment

At Insight, we are dedicated to delivering the most compassionate, loving, expert and impactful care in the world to our patients. We believe our patients deserve the best experience in the world when they enter our facilities. Our community requires nurturing and support. Our society will continue to thrive when we take care of the most vulnerable among us.

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Through your generosity, we are able to bring cutting edge research and technologies, integrated healthcare, and true accessibility to Bronzeville and the surrounding communities. Insight claims “patient care second to none” and your contributions go directly to elevating, expanding, and executing that promise.

Insight Hospital and Medical Center is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for compliance with a comprehensive set of national standards. By choosing a healthcare provider that has achieved ACHC accreditation, you can take comfort in knowing that you will receive the highest quality of care. If you have any concerns about the product or service that you receive from Insight Hospital and Medical Center, you may contact ACHC directly at (855) 937-2242.

Specialty Pharmacy
Insight Hospital and Medical Center Chicago is proud to announce we received full URAC® Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation on 3/1/2023.

By achieving this prestigious status, Insight Chicago Pharmacy demonstrates commitment to quality care, enhanced processes, patient safety, and improved outcomes for patients receiving their specialty pharmacy medications from Insight Chicago Pharmacy.