Insight Hospital & Medical Center – Chicago

With a world-class team and a commitment to innovation, INSIGHT Chicago aims to build on our reputation in Michigan as a leader in patient care by bringing the same high-quality medical services to Illinois. Our Chicago location looks forward to working closely with the state, elected officials, and most importantly, our neighbors and local residents, to build a community hospital in the Bronzeville area of Chicago.

At INSIGHT, we are dedicated to transformation and impact. We will deliver world class, compassionate, expert care to every patient who comes through our doors.  As stewards of holistic health, INSIGHT is committed to seeing our community flourish through increased access to holistic care and improved health.


We endeavor to be the most innovative, ethical, and insightful clinical biomedical technology institution in the world.


We will develop and grow an institution focused primarily on neurosciences, medicine, and ethics. Our mission will be guided by the highest principles of leadership development: E^6 I^3. We will serve America and the World through our efforts.



Love, Energy, Execution, Loyalty, Innovation, Adaptability, Ethics and Integrity, Teamwork


Please call us at 312-567-2000. Our operators are standing by to schedule your next appointment

Donations to INSIGHT

Chicago Charitable Foundation

Here at INSIGHT Chicago, we understand the importance of each and every member of our greater Illinois community. From our base in Michigan to our facilities here in Bronzeville, we strive to provide state of the art treatments, surgeries, and the gold standard of patient care to all. Understanding the importance of local and national involvement in furthering our scope, we created Insight Chicago’s non-profit: the INSIGHT Chicago Charitable Foundation. Through your generosity we are able to bring cutting edge research and technologies, integrated healthcare, and true accessibility to Bronzeville and the surrounding communities. Insight claims “patient care second to none” and your contributions go directly to elevating, expanding, and executing that promise. Your tax-deductible donations can be made directly below through our quick and easy, secure payment portal.