My Insight Chart

MyInsightChart-Insights Hospital’s Patient Portal is an online tool that allows you to manage your health and access key health information. View basic lab results, X-ray reports, portions of your medical record, hospital discharge instructions and more.

Access to your health information is a click away with MyInsightChart or the HealtheLife mobile app

View medical records

Access your Family’s Records

Enrollment into the patient portal is available during Insight Hospital inpatient stays and outpatient visits. Notify a member of our care team if you are interested. Self-enrollment is available on Insight’s Website using your medical record number printed on your discharge instructions.

2 Ways to Enroll in MyInsightChart

Enroll at Insight


  1. Speak to a member of your health care team to begin the enrollment process, provide your current email address at your next visit.
  2. Check your email, we will send you a message with a link to MyInsightChart log-in screen.
  3. Verify your identity, we will ask you to give us your date of birth and last four digits of your medical record number
  4. Create your account; simply enter your name, email address and date of birth. Then create your user name, password and a new security question.

Then you’re done.

If you have log-on questions or need a password reset, call 800-324-8163. 

Self-Enrollment in MyInsightChart

  1. Self-Enrollment, click on the Self-enrollment link on Insight’s website.
    You will need to enter your full hospital medical record number, date of birth, and last four digits of your SSN to confirm patient match. You can get your medical record number at your next Insight visit. 
  2. Create your account enter your email address. Then create your user name, password and a new security questions.

Then you’re done.

Insight Hospital and Medical Center is dedicated to providing patient care second to none. We take your healthcare seriously. That’s why we make quality healthcare accessible to all and provide a multitude of services for all your needs.  With HealtheLife app or MyInsightChart we now offer the ability for you to securely connect some of the health management apps you may use (i.e. Apple health) to your health record. This new process provides access to your health and wellness data that will enable you and your care team to make informed choices.


No, patients may not enroll if they do not have an email address

Your lab test results will be viewable in the patient portal immediately after being entered into your health record. X-Ray results are available in 96 hours.

Yes, this called proxy access. To request access to another adult’s health care record the patient must be able to consent by completing Consent for Designation Care Manager Form. For a child under 13, this allows a parent or legal guardian to log into their personal MyInsightChart account, and then view the information regarding the child. Per State and Federal Guidelines, when the child turns 13 access to the minor’s portal will be terminated. The parent(s) will receive a notification email one day prior to the minor’s 13 birthday.

If you need additional information that is not available through MyInsightChart, you may contact the Health Information Management Department and complete an Authorization for Release of Health Information Form and submit it in person, via mail or fax to the address/fax number on the form.

For urgent medical matters, please contact your doctor’s office or call 911. Please do not use MyInsightChart for issues or questions requiring urgent attention.