Seeing the need for rehabilitation services continue to grow, Insight has purchased a vacant building in Fenton that it will use for a dramatic expansion of its rehabilitation program.

As described in a story on Crain’s Detroit Business, the Insight Healing Center currently is a 12-bed adult rehabilitation facility with an additional six-bed residential-type recovery unit in Flint. Insight’s program will now expand with the purchase of an unoccupied building in Fenton that will be converted into a 40-bed long-term care rehabilitation facility.

The need for rehabilitation services has grown over the last two years as Insight neurosurgeons, led by CEO Jawad Shah, concluded they could control patient outcomes more effectively after they conducted surgeries on accident victims by managing their own facility, said Atif Bawahab, Insight’s chief strategy officer.

While initial treatment of catastrophic injuries such as auto accidents are effective, Insight’s leaders believe that a continuity of care with enhanced long-term rehabilitation treatment can enhance recovery.

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