Fully-equipped Clinical Pathology Lab in Chicago

Vital to Care

The Insight Hospital Pathology & Laboratory program delivers comprehensive clinical and anatomic pathology services, providing physicians and other health care providers with vital diagnostic information that helps them diagnose and treat disease and illness. Pathology and laboratory services play a vital role in the care of patients at Insight Hospital.

Pathology clinicians study and diagnose disease through the examination of blood, tissue, and other bodily fluids. An example of a pathology function is the examination of blood taken at a physician’s office to assist the physician in the identification and treatment of illness. More common blood tests are A1C values for diabetics and CBC (complete blood count) which help identify the presence of disease or illness thorough abnormal blood cell values. Another is the examination of a mole or skin lesion for cancer following removal, also called biopsy, by a physician. Working collaboratively with your physician and health care provider, pathology helps keep you healthy and living well!

Insight’s Pathology & Laboratory program delivers superior, comprehensive care to help you live well. Our comprehensive services include:

  •     Specimen processing and testing
  •     Blood product provision
  •     Clinical Pathology Services, including
    •         Blood Bank
    •         Chemistry
    •         Decentralized testing
    •         Flow cytometry
    •         Hematology
    •         Hemostasis
    •         Immunology
    •         Microbiology
    •         Molecular
  •   Anatomic Pathology Services, including:
    •         Autopsy
    •         Cytology
    •         Surgical Pathology

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