Shah will address the Near South Planning Board annual meeng to share updates on the expansion of specialized services at the community safety-net hospital following the threatened closure in 2021.

CHICAGO, IL – The founder of Insight, Dr. Jawad Shah, addressed the Near South Planning Board membership at its Annual Meeng on Friday, June 16th. The meeng was held at the Chicago Hilton

Following the acquision of the former Mercy Hospital in June 2021, Dr. Shah provided details on capital investment and other improvements to the hospital, and the addional clinical service lines added since assuming operaonal control of the hospital as Insight Hospital & Medical Center. “We have been honored to be the current stewards of this historic hospital in Chicago’s Bronzeville community,” stated Dr. Shah, “it has been an amazing opportunity to provide quality medical services to our community residents and neighbors on the southside.” Members of the Near South community have been eager to receive an update on current hospital operaons and future plans for the facility and hospital campus. During the annual meeng, the Near South Planning Board also nominated Dr. Dillon Bannis, Chief Medical Office of Insight Hospital & Medical Center, to the organizaon’s Board of Directors.

Insight Hospital & Medical Center acquired the former 170-year-old Mercy Hospital following the threatened closure of the hospital by the former owner Trinity Health. Aer a prolonged protest by the community, the State of Illinois rejected Trinity’s applicaon to close the hospital, which caused Trinity to announce plans to file bankruptcy for the Mercy Hospital facility. Insight was made aware of the impending closure and negoated with Trinity to acquire the hospital and keep it open for crical
medical care for residents of Chicago’s southside.