Senior Account Executive

The Senior Account Executive position has lots of potential for contributing value to our company.
This role will collaborate with the marketing manager to provide updates and vital information which will promote growth within the organization. This person will be responsible for initiating, maintaining and growing our many referring accounts, as well as reporting feedback from accounts to the marketing manager/marketing team. This person will create and manage specific marketing initiatives and assist in coordinating the marketing schedules of additional personnel needed to execute on the various initiatives. The Senior Account Liaison will lead the work of others in a project and act as a resource for the entry level marketing specialists to collaborate with. This person’s services will be in high demand, so prioritizing where and how to invest your time, as well as coordinating the efforts of your resources to get the biggest return is very important.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Work closely with the Corporate Marketing Manager and Marketing Team to maintain a top level view of all marketing initiatives

* Manages projects and prioritizes work to meet deadlines

* Must possess the ability to estimate and maintain project budgets

* Provides work direction as Senior Account Executive

* Participates in the planning and development of communication and marketing strategies to the marketing manager

* Responsible for assisting the marketing manager to develop and implement marketing strategies which will increase patient census and revenue.

* Make regular, planned calls to secure new referrals, build census and meet established goals on new and existing referring physicians, surgeons, case managers and other health care providers

* Integrate INSIGHT’s mission Patient Care Second to None in daily practice

* Communicate with referring physicians and support staff to effectively meet their needs. Maintain accurate marketing records by utilizing INSIGHT’s databases accordingly. Maintain a working knowledge of the hospital and its various departments

* Maintain regular communication with the marketing manager to help with managing needs. 

* Identify and prioritize key accounts and communicate strengths and weaknesses to the marketing manager

Required Skills And Knowledge:

* Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or a health-related science (e.g., nursing, pharmacy, etc.) or the equivalent
* A minimum of five years health care or related industry sales experience required.
* Demonstrates excellent skills in verbal and written english communication
* strong analytical skills enable the marketing associate to compile data and present in an easy-to-understand method
* Project management – the ability to organize details and complete projects in a timely manner is crucial to this position
* Demonstrate a desire to set and meet objectives to find increasingly efficient ways to perform tasks
* Able to work in a fast-paced and stressful environment while maintaining positive
* Ability to communicate with multiple audiences
* Ability to exhibit sound judgment
* Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
* Works independently in creating and developing marketing routes.
* Analyzes problems and develops solutions using professional judgment. Work is guided by objectives and expected outcomes with general direction
* Work is guided by objectives and expected outcomes with general direction
* Demonstrates eligibility to work for any employer in the U.S.
* Marketing: Minimum of 5 years experience required
* Sales: Minimum of 5 years experience required
* Driver’s License and satisfactory driving record (Required)