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Meet The Faculty

Designated Institutional Official (DIO):

Asim Saeed, MD 

Internal Medicine Program Director:

Saquib Anjum, MD

Internal Medicine APD:

Umar Shakur, DO

Ayham Alaga MD

Chief Resident:

Syed Hussaini

Ambulatory Medicine:

Naveed Mallick, MD – Chief of Staff

Jaime Torres, MD

Scott Coppel, MD

Furqan Rajput MD


Umar Shakur, DO

Neha Patel MD

Serge Singh MD

Bobby Diniotis MD


Roop Gupta, MD

Hematology and Oncology:

Tajammul Hussain, MD

Amar Hamad MD

Hospitalist Medicine:

Fadi Kara, MD

Karim Al-Sabek MD

Syed Abdur-Rahman


Mustafa Ali, MD

Wasay Humayun, MD

Ahmed Siddiqui DO

Chet Desai, MD

Nic Hristea, MD


Rany Aburashed, DO – President of Insight Medical Group

Pulmonary Critical Care:

Samran Haider MD

Sajid Mehmood MD

Meet The GME Team

Designated Institutional Official (DIO):

Asim Saeed, MD

Associate DIO:

Kathyrn Burke, DO

Director of GME:

Yvonne McCauley

Institutional Coordinator:

Tammy Witteveen

Emergency Medicine Coordinator:

Suzanne Mulcahy

Internal Medicine Coordinator:

Joshua Jimenez

Graduate Medical Education Mission Statement

The Graduate Medical Education leadership, faculty and staff at Insight Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago will strive to be a conduit for encouragement in bringing each individual’s potential to light as an accomplishment.   We, Insight Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago will use Islamic ethics as a guide for compassionate and transforming healing presence within our communities through the provision of quality healthcare to all. 

Based on this foundation, we believe that educating and training Residents to meet the ever-evolving health needs of the population is paramount to the Mission of Insight Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago’s Graduate Medical Education Department.  We seek to impact and assure the viability, quality and advancement of our healthcare system by instilling in our trainees the necessity for life-long learning as a critical component of safe and appropriate care of patients.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education provides a structured environment that facilitates our educational programs’ ability to assist our trainees in their personal and professional development, while fostering learning environments where our trainees can excel in clinical service, research and teaching.   Insight Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago is committed to providing and advocating for the necessary educational, financial and human resources needed and required to support Graduate Medical Education programs in a comprehensive manner.

Internal Medicine Residency Program FAQ’s

What is your ERAS ID number?

ACGME Program Code: 1401600001


How to apply to the program?

We only accept applications through ERAS.


How many positions are available?

We anticipate filling six (6) Internal Medicine Categorical positions.


Is US Clinical Experience (USCE) required?

We will evaluate every application that is submitted.  We prefer candidates with at least 6 months of USCE. Inpatient (hands-on), outpatient, and/or research clinical experience is acceptable.


Do you accept Foreign Medical Graduates (FMG)?

We accept applicants from ECFMG-accredited schools. 


What are the USMLE score criteria?

We will evaluate every application thoroughly.  We prefer a 3-digit score of 220 or above on USMLE Step 1 (If applicable) and USMLE Step 2 – both on the first attempt.


Certification requirement

All applicants must be USMLE or ECFMG certified before the final rank order list deadline.


Is there a Graduation cut-off date?

We will evaluate every application that is submitted on ERAS.  We prefer candidates that have graduated from medical school within the past 5 years and have stayed active clinically.


Do you offer visa sponsorship?

We currently offer J1 visa 


LORS from U.S. Physicians

We require at least 3 current letters of recommendation, which may be inclusive of a Dean’s Letter if an active or recent graduate of a medical school.


Interview Process

All interviews will be virtual.  Invitations will be sent via ERAS


Salary/HR questions

Will be available on our website, and further HR questions will be answered at the time of the interview.


Do we accept observerships or rotations from students that are not affiliated with Insight Hospital? 

We do not offer any observerships or rotations to unaffiliated or unattached candidates at this time.